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Product Quality, Pricing & Imaging Policy

ZarooratShop management is very much committed to providing real value to our esteemed customer.


We have a procedure to ensure the quality of offered products on our plate form. Three pillars of our quality standards are as follows,

  1. Product is matched with spec, for example, in glasses, we ensure exact lens & frame material and same mentioned on product description and its detail on the product view page
  2. If the product is slightly differing from our set standard, it will be immediately dropped from the list
  3. Our team consistently check the stocked product and keep in very condition


Our focus is to provide a product to our customer with the right price. We have the following mechanism for setting the price of each item in a category.

  1. First, items are sourced from reliable sources across Pakistan in premium & A-Class slabs. These items are checked on above-given quality parameters
  2. We set a competitive price of each product which is always lower than the market and customers expectation.
  3. Our experienced merchandising team ensure every item pricing must match with its quality, presentation and must have the ability to enhance the overall customer experience.

Product Imaging

It is a section we focused on and spend more time than anything. We set up the following guidelines,

  1. We always used a very normal cell phone camera and photographed in normal light exposure
  2. Each item is photographed every time it sourced
  3. Each item is photographed with its real tags and marks for realistic look and identification for a customer to match what he/she watches on the product list on zarooratshop.com

So, every item exceeds customer expectation upon receipts.