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How to Order


Adding

Add to Cart” button is given below of every product for customer ease.

Customer may click the item of his interest and system automatically add this item cart.

Cart icon is prominent in the top bar, indicating a number of items added in it.

Customer may view a summary of all purchases by hovering cart icon at any moment.


Customer may checkout by clicking cart icon, it leads to checkout process page.

At first summary of added items in the cart is shown, where the customer may adjust item quantity or remove any item from cart list.

Proceed to Checkout” button is at the end of the summary. Customer leads to address page by clicking this button. Customers have to provide the following information to complete this process.

  1. Street address
  2. Town / City
  3. State / County
  4. Postcode / ZIP
  5. Phone
  6. Email address

Checkout process completes by pressing the “Place Order” button.

How to Order through phone/e-mail

Customer may place the order by calling on the company’s official phone number 0311 178 1365 or by sending a message on WhatsApp of the same number.

Customer may place the order through company’s official email id orders@zarooratshop.com